Architectural & Event Lighting

Architectural & Event Lighting transform the atmosphere in a room, enhancing/setting the mood of the guests and both the feel and the architectural detail the venue may already possesses. Much like key lighting in a motion picture can make a scene dramatic, shocking, comedic, romantic (or even horrific); up lighting a ballroom for a wedding or an event can take the venue from being simply the “set” of your party, to filling it with a spectrum of color, adding a personal uniqueness. Instead of seeing only white walls, lighting can add a splash of color that is inviting and exciting to guests. Lighting can create a mood for an event as they stimulate the visual sense with light that slowly fade from blue to red (or many other colors) adding a warm feeling to the space, or simply remain a static solid color throughout.

Our lighting services include the following:

  • Customized lighting design specific to your event and venue.
  • Lighting technician that would be present during the whole event to implement lighting choreography and address any lighting issues that may arise.
  • Backup inventory to minimize down time.
  • Deliver, Setup and tear down.
  • Meetings prior to the event to plan out choreography requirements.